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October 15, 2009
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Pairing: G-TOP (SeungHyun/JiYon)
Rating: PG-13
Author: boojaejongie
Length: One-shot
Genre: Yaoi; fluffly?
Disclaimer: I don't own them, though I've asked them to Santa for Christmas...I'm waiting...
Warnings: unbeat-ed, might have grammar mistakes and I'm not sure about the tittle err...


Interviewer: Big Bang just finished a photo shoot with our magazine, where they were shot lying on a bed like they were sleeping. Everything was planed, such as their poses, but fans would like to know how Big Bang really sleeps, can you tell me how?

JiYong: Each of us has their own way of sleeping.

Interviewer: And how would each be?

JiYong: TaeYang, when you look at him, you see this always calm person, but I'll tell you the truth. When he's sleeping, is like a twister, he doesn't stay quiet.

DaeSung: It looks like there're ants everywhere on his bed.

JiYong: Yes, he tosses and turns all around, kicks, punches, and all you can imagine. He wakes up on the horizontal and upside down.

All: Laughter.

Interviewer: That must be really funny, but you can't feel when you’re moving like that?

TaeYang: I really can't.

Interviewer: But you don't think its strange going to sleep in one position than waking up in another completely different?

TaeYang: I don't even realize.

JiYong: He's so clam he doesn't realize he's alive.

All: Laughter.

Interviewer: And how about the others?

JiYong: SeungRi has problems sleeping.

SeungRi: Right, is really difficult for me getting a decent night of sleep. I have the lightest sleep ever, so it can't be no sound, or lights on, or even someone on the same room.

SeungHyun: He's the "don't touch me" kind of guy.

JiYong: Don't touch me, don't talk to me, and don’t disturb me. He's like that when he's going to sleep.

SeungRi: You made me look like a pain in the ass.

JiYong: You are.

All: Laughter.

DaeSung: I don't have any problems like SeungRi, but they've told me I speak during sleep.

SeungRi: DaeSung not only speaks, he has a whole conversation while sleeping, and everything he says makes sense, pretty freaky.

JiYong: And that's not it, I've never seen someone getting so cold as DaeSung can be.

Interviewer: Cold, what do you mean?

JiYong: In the beginning of our career, we slept all together, and DaeSung stood right next to me. And you know when someone has really cold feet? DaeSung doesn't have just cold feet; his whole body gets cold like a giant block of ice.

SeungHyun: He freezes when he sleeps.

JiYong: Yeah, but that wouldn't be a problem on summer right? 'Cause it would be comfortable to sleep next to him, but the thing is when the weather is hot, DaeSung gets even hotter!

Interviewer: How is that possible?

JiYong: I have no idea, but there's something really wrong with his natural thermometer.

All: Laughter.

Interviewer: And how about you two, (JiYong and SeungHyun) how do you sleep?

JiYong: SeungHyun, he's normal.

SeungRi: If you call sleeping as a rock, even when there's an earthquake outside, normal.

SeungHyun: He's envy of me. But yeah, I would say I'm a normal sleeper. I don't move around in bed like crazy, I don't talk during sleep, I don't snore, I don't have any alterations on my body's temperature and I don't mind if someone's sleeping next to me.

TaeYang: Hyung is like a teddy bear, he sleeps with you and doesn't complain, doesn't move.

JiYong: SeungHyun sleeping is TaeYang when awake.

All: Laughter.

Interviewer: And how about JiYong?

All: The cuddler!

Interviewer: Cuddler? Oh my, and what exactly would that be?

SeungRi: He likes to sleep cuddling.

Interviewer: Cuddling someone else?

DaeSung: Yes, he can't sleep alone; he needs someone always by his side to hug.

JiYong: Since I was little I always had someone sleeping with me, someone I could hug, and it has to be a person not a teddy bear or something. So I grow used to it, and today I no longer can sleep alone.

TaeYang: He's the member’s nightmare.

Interviewer: Which one of you JiYong chooses to be his victim?

All: SeungHyun!

Interviewer: And why SeungHyun?

JiYong: I didn't have much choice actually. If I slept with TaeYang I might wake up all bruised; with SeungRi, he would be the one not sleeping at all; with DaeSung I would have to talk to him all night or have serious temperature's changing. So, hyung is the only left.

Interviewer: Do you mind him sleeping with you, SeungHyun?

SeungHyun: At first I did, because everyone wants to spend sometime alone, wants the bed all to them, and I couldn't have that with JiYong there. Not to mention the first time he did that he almost scare me to death.

JiYong: When we all slept together I didn't have any problems, but when we moved to a bigger place, where each of us had our own room, I was afraid I could never sleep again. Because I didn't have the guts or I was too embarrassed to ask them if they could sleep with me, and there was always a possibility they might get the wrong idea.

TaeYang: You could have said something, I'm sure we'd understand.

JiYong: Now I know you would, but it was different back then. So, on the first nights I went on without sleeping, but that got me so exhausted I couldn't even dance or sing anymore, they thought I was ill or something. That's when I started to watch the boys sleeping, so I could came up with a plan.

Interviewer: A plan to sleep with them?

SeungRi: You saying like that sound so weird.

All: Laughter.

JiYong: After I studied their sleeping habits, I choose SeungHyun as the victim.

SeungHyun: He didn't have any sleep for days and still could thought of a plan; he spent too much time on this. If I were him, I'd probably jumped in someone's bed and tell them to shut it if they complained about it.

DaeSung: Yeah, that's SeungHyun hyung's way; believe me I've been there.

SeungHyun: There's a way to everything.

Interviewer: And what's that plan of yours?

JiYong: After choosing SeungHyun knowing once he's sleeping almost nothing can wake him, I waited for him to black out and sneakily lay on his bed, that night I slept like an angel and the nights after too, though I always managed to wake before him, so that he or the others wouldn't know about my stay there.

SeungHyun: I'm feeling used now.

All: Laughter.

Interviewer: Well, but eventually SeungHyun found out right?

JiYong: Yes, that day I was beyond tired, because of all the concert preparations, so I couldn't wake before him.

SeungHyun: I almost jumped out of the bed, he scare the hell out of me.

TaeYang: He actually screamed that day waking everyone else.

Interviewer: I imagine it must have been embarrassing for both of you.

DaeSung: They didn't talk for almost a week till JiYong finally decided to talk about his problems to everyone.

SeungHyun: When Ji told us I let him sleep with me, even though at first I was a little bothered. Actually we did have a fight about this and I kicked him out of bed, but after a few days I realized something was missing and I couldn't even sleep anymore. Then we make up. Laughter. I also was sorry for him 'cause he had to stay with TaeYang and every morning he woke up all bruised like he had been a fight.

All: Laughter.

SeungRi: Those two look like a couple.

JiYong: Hyung is my big bear.

SeungHyun: JiYong is my little cute bear.

All: Awww~

Interviewer: Well, seems like everyone really is different when are sleeping, from what you've said Big Bang's house at night must be really funny.

SeungRi: It's not funny when you're trying to sleep and your Hyungs keep making weird noises next room.

Interviewer: Weird noises?!

SeungRi: No, wait; it's not what you're thinking. Don't write that part, erase that part, that part doesn't exist!
A/N: I have no idea how they really sleep
but that seems fun enough XD
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